Experienced Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Parent Educator, Teacher Trainer, Mother, Lifelong Student and Yoga Practitioner

As a yoga Instructor based in Hong Kong, my main goal is to provide education and resources to inspire a positive pregnancy and childbirth. When I was pregnant, I had experienced fear and anxiety; I had felt under confident and out of touch with my own instincts. By practising yoga, meditation, and educating myself with books and resources, I grew to appreciate my innate strength and inherent wisdom that lives in every woman. My childbirth experience was not textbook perfect - far from it actually - but I felt in control and I consider it a profoundly empowering experience. With Bright Birth, you will be led down the path of self exploration that yoga provides - you will discover the amazing strength and knowledge that women naturally possess. 

After I graduated from the Mindful Birth Training with Michelle Papa and Dr. Jean Byrne, I found my passion in teaching prenatal & postnatal yoga, baby yoga and active birth. Throughout my yoga teaching career, I have studied different styles of yoga with Patrick Creelman, Paul & Suzee Grilley, Jo Phee and Joe Barnett. As an avid student, I continuously stay on top of the latest research on pregnancy and yoga. 

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  • Spinning Babies Workshop with Fiona Hallinan, 2020

  • 50-hour Yin Yoga Training with Paul and Suzee Grilley, 2018

  • 200-hour Yin Yoga Training with Jo Phee and Joe Barnett, 2016

  • Mindful Birth: 100-hour Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Teacher Training with Dr. Jean Byrne & Michelle Papa, 2015

  • Blackroll Myofascial Release Training, 2015

  • 200-hour Yoga Alliance Accredited Foundational Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman, 2014

  • Bachelor of Engineering, University of Toronto, 2007