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Prenatal Yoga is perfect for mamas-to-be looking to build self-awareness on the mat, and to prepare the body and mind for childbirth. You will stretch and strengthen your body, discover postural alignment, and learn poses that can potentially help with childbirth. You will also practise breathing techniques and meditation. You will feel calmer, more relaxed and more confident about your pregnancy and labour.

Designed for pregnant women - ideally over 12 weeks pregnant and until childbirth.

Holly teaches both group and private prenatal classes. Both in-person and online options are available.

Pilates Stretches


The focus of Postnatal Yoga is on post-birth recovery for mothers. You will learn proper techniques to re-condition your core muscles and pelvic floor, recover from diastasis recti, strengthen the body to aid in postpartum recovery. Practising yoga also helps women cope with negative emotions and stress that might have been caused by the birthing experience or the transition into motherhood.

Designed for women returning from birth to several years postpartum.

Holly teaches both group and private postnatal classes. Both in-person and online options are available.



Baby yoga encourages bonding between parents and little ones. It is a safe and fun family activity. Yoga helps babies develop motor and sensory skills, aids digestion, and promotes better sleep. Practising yoga helps parents gently strengthen and stretch their bodies, calm their minds and relax. It's perfect for parents looking to ease back into exercise, as well as to connect with other new parents. 

Designed for babies aged 3 to 12 months.

Holly teaches group parent-and-baby yoga classes. Both in-person and online options are available.



Why Practise with Holly?

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