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A Guide for Expectant Parents: Hiring and Managing a Domestic Worker for Baby Care

If you expecting a baby in Hong Kong, you may be interested in hiring a domestic helper to help with baby care and household chores. I'm very excited to share a new free PDF guide that I created in collaboration with Fair Employment Agency and Uplifters. Our aim is to help families who are expecting, to have success in working together with their domestic helper and have a positive pregnancy experience.

If you're not familiar with these amazing organizations: Fair Employment Agency is a nonprofit agency that helps employers hire great domestic workers. Their mission is to set a new standard for professionalism, ethics, and service for recruitment in the sector.

Uplifters is a charity that helps migrant domestic workers break the cycle of poverty, and build lives they want for themselves. This is achieved through online education and community support. Uplifters’ core online courses focus on money management and personal growth. In 2021, they will be launching a Baby Care Online Course.

Download the guide here: https://www.fairagency.org/answers/a-guide-for-expectant-parents-uplifters-x-holly-wong-yoga-x-fair-agency/

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