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Why you shouldn’t be scared of labour pain

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Whenever I run active birth workshops, I start by asking expecting mummies to introduce themselves and say one word that they associate with birth, and FEAR is a very common answer.

Often this fear is related to the pain that they expect to experience during labour. When I was pregnant, I too felt anxious about the possibility of experiencing unbearable labour pain, but that fear went away when I understood what labour pain really was.

Ladies, you have to understand that labour pain is functional pain. What I mean by that is every time you feel contractions, your uterus (which is a muscle) is doing its job: it is contracting/squeezing such that baby rotates and descends further into the birth passage. Labour is merely muscle pain, that’s it — it’s your strong, beautiful body doing what it’s designed to do. Imagine doing crunches for a few hours (or a few days), I bet you would feel some pretty intense sensations in your abs too! If we all had 15-min long births, it would all be a piece of cake! So remember: labour pain is HEALTHY, FUNCTIONAL pain. If you don’t tell yourself this, your body would be in an hyper tense state and this could result in a long, difficult birth. Who would want that??

I’ll be sharing more tips and techniques on how to use yoga to cope with labour pain, so stay tuned! Take care mamas x

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